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Website Design and Development

Melbourne ITC develops web based tools and custom web applications to optimise marketing of products and services for you.

We believe that websites are tools with which companies can generate more business and each of our design decisions encapsulates that belief.

Our professional team works closely with clients to gather the relevant material so that we can build the most cost effective, functional, easy to use websites, delivered on time.

The skills we have in web development are vast, allowing us to create the following:

  • Information Systems
  • Portals (B2B, B2C, Verticals)
  • Extranets
  • Intranets
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E Commerce and E Business

Website Maintenance

Your company website must be and should be functional 100% of the time!

By allowing non qualified people to maintain and update your website may at best, ruin the professional look and feel of it and worse still, render it non functional.

A successful website is non static and varies from time to time. Regular updates and changes are vital to encourage customers to return to your website, time and time again and over the lifecycle of a website, images, text and site content will need to be altered to keep the interest of your customers.

We offer many website maintenance options, this allows our clients to concentrate on their income generating skills while we update and maintain their websites.

Whether you choose an annual service fee or a once off charge, you will save money and headaches by contracting this vital work to our team of professionals.

Database Development

Good information is at the heart of any successful business decision and our team can provide the requirements for this.

Modern businesses use relational database technology to store their important data securely, from this repository one should be able to rapidly draw the required information as is needed and display it in a desired way, via a traditional software interface or a web interface. We have the know how to create efficient database storage systems, using many of the leading programs in database technologies such as:

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS Access

Email Marketing

The importance of good communication is no doubt understood by you and your customers.

Through our unique propriety email application, we are able to customise newsletters and or e-mails that can be sent to participating customers.

These mail outs can be sent out based on a time frame that suits your needs, namely each week, month or any nominated period including special event announcements as they occur.

The mail can take the form of simple text or more like a detailed web page. The most suitable style can be fully assessed together with our consultants, before each e-mail marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Did you find Melbourne ITC via your favourite search engine?

Research has proven that most internet users use search engine as their first port of call when looking for online businesses.

There is no point having an effective website if people do not find you when they enter the relevant keywords into their search engine.

Our SEO developers know how to promote websites, to reach the top of the search engine rankings.

You may ask why developers are responsible for SEO? The reason is that SEO is not a simple task and at times may involve reformatting of certain web pages to achieve the desired results.

SEO is a vital service for any business that takes its online presence seriously, and we have the know how to achieve excellent results for you.

Accounting software MYOB and Quickbooks

There is no need for your online services to be separated from your accounting software package.

Our commitment to MYOB and Quickbooks software goes far and beyond the set up, we can provide maintenance and training programs for your company.

We are able to create customised modules that interface between your website and the accounting package used by your business.

If your customers need to view their debts to your company online, or if your sales team requires an inventory via their laptops, while away from their office, our modules can display these results over the web, straight out of the central accounting software package back in the office.

Our understanding of these software packages positions us as one of the industry leaders, if you need any support with these accounting packages we are the people to be contacted.

Online Advertising

Successful advertising is a crucial part of any business marketing strategy.

The internet provides an extremely cost effective, highly targeted advertising channel, that if done correctly, can increase profitability.

We can help you to achieve outstanding online advertising results, by discussing with you where to position your ads as well as design and develop them.

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